You cannot sit on a cloud, but the closest you can get is sitting on Tao chair. Plump and soft parts of the seat, resting on top of the airy frame offer a calm and relaxing sitting position. The soft and lightweight ottoman completes the feeling of floating in the sky.

Hardwood frame is a natural element in an interior. Its streamlined shapes with the softly inviting seat create a harmonious mix of contrasting elements.


  • Wooden frame: plywood + solid wood frame with zig zag springs. 


  • Standard padding fixed seat/back rest: High Resilient foam + silicone wadding
  • Fire-safe padding for public spaces is also available, more information from project sales.


  • Removable fabric upholstery, removable leather upholstery
  • Fabric upholstery differs from leather upholstery, specially seams on the frame
  • Fabric upholstery pattern differs between vertical and horizontal cutting fabrics´
  • In use, the upholstery may have a wave-like looseness


  • Products delivered legs fixed
  • Products produced based on customer orders. Lead time normally 4-6 weeks.