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Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

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Adea at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019


This year Adea plays with the modern and the past in the collection. The upholstery fabrics Strawberry Thief and Marigold on the other hand have been picked up from the iconic textile collection designed by William Morris to, for example, Alexander Lervik’s new Harper sofa. There are additions to Bonnet family with the larger sofa Bonnet Grand and petite Bonita chair. The new colourful rugs designed by Elina Helenius are like contemporary art pieces.

William Morris textile collection

The eye-catching Strawberry Thief is one of William Morris’s most iconic designs. He was inspired to create the original fabric after watching thrushes stealing strawberries from the kitchen garden of his countryside home in Oxfordshire.

Marigold – Designed by Morris in 1875 Marigold is a lively monotone print and one of the few designs Morris produced for both wallpaper and fabric.

Harper Sofa, Design Alexander Lervik

The Harper sofa is sturdy yet comfortable combining natural materials, wood and leather. With its leather webbing the design brings a subtle feeling of 50’s furniture to the modern age. The sofa was on Lervik’s drawing board almost for ten years until the right kind of manufacturer with experience and know-how was found.

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Napoleon, Design Anki Gneib

Napoleon is a family of seatings ideal for lounge and hospitality settings as well as for the private home. The inspiration derives from the mathematical ”bicorn” curve also known as the ”cocked hat” curve – the hat made famous especially by Napoleon Bonaparte. Inviting chairs and sofas play with soft forms and sharp silhouettes, weight and lightness.

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Bonnet Grand, Design Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle

Completing the Bonnet series, Bonnet Grand features a sofa and easy chair with a lower seating height, greater depth and a less formal comfort. The rounded yet sturdy shape of the frame acts almost as an upholstered canister filled with soft cushions and pillows. The back cushions have been meticulously designed in order to convey an adaptable, relaxed support with natural flowing shapes. As a whole, the Bonnet Grand is a sofa and easy chair that addresses the need for an elegant space complying object and at the same time allures to the demand of a forgiving and comfortable piece of furniture.

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Bonita, Design Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle

Bonita came from the request to put another chair, Bonnet Dining chair, on a swivel base. Bonita has a back and armrest that extend below the seat like a cape or half of a barrel. Going almost all the way down leg-base, this back gives Bonita a different and interesting look. It is open and inviting in the front and closed and sculpturelike from the behind. To accent the shape, there is a horizontal split-seam in the middle of the fabric divided by the seat height. This division makes it possible to combine and experiment with different colour and fabric combinations, making the Bonita chair even more versatile.

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Seasons Rugs, Design Elina Helenius

Vibrant colours with the harmonious modern composition in Season rug collection give the carpets also another role in a space. They are like art pieces. Strong colour combinations and the original shape with the cut corners in the collections three carpets, Spring, Summer and Winter brings new dynamic for the room. Inspiration comes from the Nordic nature, light and the difference of the seasons. Carpets are hand tufted wool.

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