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Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

Swedish architect and designer Mattias Stenberg approaches design from a holistic perspective, where the object is always positioned in relation to the viewer and its surroundings. Whether it’s furniture or… Lue lisää »



Price category: PC2
Composition: 91% PES, 9% CO
Width: 140+4cm
Abrasion resistance (Martindale)(EN ISO 12947-2): >50 000
Flame resistance: (EN 1021-1, CAL TB117 cigarette test): Pass
Pilling resistance: 5
Lightfastness (UNI EN ISO 105-B02:2001): 5-6
Weight: 780g/lm

Colours of fabrics may be different on screen and in real life. We recommend to check colours from sample swatches at retailers.

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