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Price category: PC4 vertical cutting
Composition: 100% CO
Abrasion resistance (Martindale) (EN ISO 12947-2): 35 000
Flame resistance (BS 5852-1 savuke/cigarette test): Pass
Pilling resistance (EN ISO 12945-2): Pass
Lightfastness (EN ISO 105-B02): 4-5
Fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12): Wet: 4-5. Dry: 4-5
Weight: 520g/mtl

Colours of fabrics may be different on screen and in real life. We recommend to check colours from sample swatches at retailers.

Velvet is a luxurious, soft upholstery material with a long history.
To ensure prolonged life and appearance, the fabric should be cleaned regularly.
Velvet can be vacuumed with half power or brushed, but always in the direction of the nap.
The velvet can also be wiped with a damp leather cloth in the direction of the nap.
A property of velvet as an upholstery material is that some areas of the product will show pile tangling or matting over time if the fabric is not maintained regularly.
Tangling and matting can also be caused by packaging. There may be uneven pressure in different parts of package.
By sitting down, one exerts pressure to the fabric thus forcing the nap in different directions. This pressure, together with body heat and moisture can cause the “fix” the direction of the nap, which can be viewed as change of colour.

This is not a defect nor a sign of low quality. It is a typical property of this fabric.

This effect can be removed in one of two ways:
1. Apply a damp (not wet) cloth on the area affected overnight and brush in the direction of nap when fabric is still moist.
2. Spray mist, for example from an iron, from distance of about 20cm. Brush in the direction of the nap when the fabric is still moist. NOTE, do not drop large drops of water on the fabric.
The furniture / fabric should not be used until it is completely dry.
Hairdryer with low heat setting can be used to dry the fabric.

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