Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

Swedish architect and designer Mattias Stenberg approaches design from a holistic perspective, where the object is always positioned in relation to the viewer and its surroundings. Whether it’s furniture or… Lue lisää »

Alexander Lervik Imaginations x12

Designer Alexander Lervik examines the relationship between art and design in exhibition Imaginations x12, which is on display at Sven-Harry’s art museum between 24.1-9.2. The exhibition, which consists of twelve… Lue lisää »



Price category: PC3
Composition: 63% CO, 37% LI
Width: 140cm +/-3%
Abrasion resistance (Martindale) (BS EN ISO 12947-2): 32 500
Flame resistance: (EN 1021-Part 1cigarette test): Pass
Pilling resistance (BS EN ISO 12945-2): 4/5
Lightfastness (BS EN ISO 105-B02): 4
Weight: 380g/lm

Colours of fabrics may be different on screen and in real life. We recommend to check colours from sample swatches at retailers.

All fabrics made from natural fibres are more delicate than synthetic ones. Carefully pay attention to the following care tips and features.

Caleido fabric is possible to wash in washing machine´s gentle 30° programme but to avoid possible streaking we recommend hand wash programme. Avoid a high spinning speed. Streaking may occur especially in darker colours. For the same reason do not load the machine too full. It is better to always wash in smaller quantities, with plenty of water. Larger items, such as loose furniture covers, should be washed in a separate container or taken to a laundry service for washing. If the fabric is washed at a laundry service, it is safest to choose dry cleaning.

Because fabrics containing natural fibres can fade slightly with each wash, we recommend that you wash all adjacent covers at once to avoid possible color differences. Local cleaning of the fabric is not recommended as the washed area may be left lighter that the rest of the fabric.

Fabrics containing natural fibres are highly sensitive to shrinkage compared to synthetic fabrics. This can cause problems, especially when placing shrunk, large, loose covers back on top of the furniture. Placing the loose covers is easier when the fabric is a bit moist still after washing. To avoid shrinkage, fading and streaking we recommend dry cleaning. Avoid harsh light and especially direct sunlight. Iron from the backside or through a white cloth.

Caleido maintenance

Caleido 1404

Caleido 1419

Caleido 1420

Caleido 1424

Caleido 1470

Caleido 1476

Caleido 1495

Caleido 1497

Caleido 1499

Caleido 1524

Caleido 1551

Caleido 2245

Caleido 2763

Caleido 2884

Caleido 2894

Caleido 2898

Caleido 2934

Caleido 2988

Caleido 2991

Caleido 2993

Caleido 3026

Caleido 3029

Caleido 3552

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Caleido 3579

Caleido 3582

Caleido 3584

Caleido 3585

Caleido 3788

Caleido 3790

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