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Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

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At first glance, Kabinett looks like a regular cabinet or bench but it has built-in features that allow it to be transformed into an entirely different piece of furniture. The innovation lies in its function. You get a worktable that can be raised and lowered from a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like a table.

Kabinett can be placed in a space in many ways: It can be a type of sideboard, placed against the
wall of a room or it can be placed, for example, behind a sofa in the middle of the room.
There are three different versions of Kabinett:
Kabinett Basic, with a height-adjustable worktop.
Kabinett Laptop, where the height-adjustable worktop has a storage space with a lid, to store a
laptop after work. There is also a holes in the cover for wires.
Kabinett Screenlift, with a height-adjustable worktop, has a cover that can be removed after which
the display can be raised to the same level as the worktop.
Kabinett is 120 cm wide, 45 cm deep and 68cm high.
Kabinett comes with a natural oak or white stain ash veneer.


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Alexander Lervik

“Working from home is not just a temporary solution and therefore the goal has been to develop a piece of furniture that blends in with the rest of the room. "

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