Mattias Stenberg c/o Stockholms Auktionsverk

Swedish architect and designer Mattias Stenberg approaches design from a holistic perspective, where the object is always positioned in relation to the viewer and its surroundings. Whether it’s furniture or… Lue lisää »

Alexander Lervik Imaginations x12

Designer Alexander Lervik examines the relationship between art and design in exhibition Imaginations x12, which is on display at Sven-Harry’s art museum between 24.1-9.2. The exhibition, which consists of twelve… Lue lisää »



The modern Lin chair was born out of a need for a light, petite and comfortable armchair. As a piece of furniture, it's design is anonymous, making a suitable companion for diverse interior furnishings. Upholstered in leather, fabric or both, the Lin chair has painted wooden and metal legs.


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Lin combined leg
Height: Front 24cm / Back 21cm
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Petra Lassenius