Napoleon has a classic but contemporary appearance with its generous flowy backrests and edgy silhouettes.

Napoleon is a versatile collection that fits into the most diverse environments due to its small scale and adaptability.


  • Wooden frame: plywood + solid wood frame with zig zag springs. Surface padded with foam and coated with fabric.


  • Standard padding in the fixed seat foam / High Resilience foam + silicone wadding
  • Standard padding in the fixed back rest foam / High Resilience foam + silicone wadding
  • Fire-safe padding for public spaces is also available, more information from project sales.


  • Removable fabric upholstery
  • In use, the upholstery may have a wave-like looseness
  • Fabric upholstery pattern differs between vertical and horizontal cutting fabrics
  • Vertical cutting Napoleon 228, vertical seam in seat, back rest and frame of back rest
  • Vertical cutting Napoleon 149 & 150 Roundback: vertical seam in the frame of the back rest


  • Products¬†delivered legs unfixed
  • Products produced based on customer orders. Lead time normally 4-6 weeks.