Fabric and leather upholstery

Wide selection of fabrics for demanding tastes — what is your dream sofa like?

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Adea furniture is known for its premium materials, and the finishing touch given by our world-class upholstery choices. The choice of upholstery often starts with picking the right shade and color to match your existing interior, or that elevates your new sofa into a true centerpiece of your home.

Adea’s sofas excel in ageless design and style. When considering your next sofa, it’s worth it to dig a bit deeper into the various fabric, material and padding options. When choosing your upholstery, remember that it’s easiest to succeed when you take your actual day-to-day use and life situation into account.

To help you choose, read our key tips in the bottom of the page.


In Adea's upholstery selection, you can also find high-quality leathers for demanding taste.

How to pick the best upholstery for your needs

The most crucial thing to know is what kind of use your sofa will experience – will it be continuous, rough and long-term? It pays off to take a look at how you and your family use the sofa. Does someone spend all their time on the sofa, or is it in use only now and then? Keep in mind that children and pets will put your sofa under heavier strain, and will expose it to unavoidable surprises both big and small.

Consider also the space itself. All fabrics and materials aren’t equally light fast, that is, resistant to sunlight. If your sofa is close to large windows facing South, the Sun will wear out the colors much faster than if your windows would open to a more shaded yard or atrium.

Our five tips for choosing your upholstery

  1. Know your actual usage patterns
  2. Never underestimate your habits
  3. Consider all people and pets that will be using the sofa
  4. Pay attention to sunlight exposure
  5. Trends change, stylishness is forever