Hideout Villas Levi, Finnish Lapland

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We manufactured furniture for the enchanting Hideout Villas Chalet U18 luxury villa in Levi, Finnish Lapland. Completed in 2024, the 250-square-meter villa features four bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a gym, and a spacious spa area, as well as an open-plan kitchen-living room with panoramic windows offering stunning views of the surrounding Lapland nature. For more information about the villa and accommodation inquiries, you can visit the Chalet U18 website.

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At the heart of the living room stands a large Origami corner sofa composed of six modules. The low loft sofa provides space for the enchanting view unfolding from the large windows.

Origami is a perfect sofa to be placed in the center of the room, as designer Damian Williamson drew a 360-degree design, making Origami look impressive from the back as well. Unique concave shapes both in the back and the low front of the seat are combined with soft round shapes of the seat. The upholstery is soft Orsetto bouclé fabric, which perfectly complements Origami's rounded shapes.

Fabric: Orsetto 012
Modules: Q90L + I100 + I100 + K92 + I100 + I100

Hideout Villas Chalet U18

The large panoramic window is adorned with a piece of furniture specifically designed to be placed in front of floor-to-ceiling windows - Bon Daybed. The Swedish design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle created it to be an airy piece of furniture, which does not obstruct beautiful views. Upholstery is a combination of Orsetto fabric, with the luxurious, velvety soft Adea Nubuck leather.

Upholstery: Orsetto 012 & Adea Nubuck Antrasite 61-6

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Timeless design, soft upholstery materials, and natural wood invite to relax in the living room. The Tao armchairs with ottomans, born from the pen of Finnish designer Jukka Setälä, offer high-quality seating comfort meticulously refined by our product development.