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Adea – 25 Years of Furniture Perfect for You

ADEA offers delights for friends of Scandinavian design – an outstanding piece of furniture can be recognised from stylishly standing the test of time, ultimate low-maintenance and uncompromising comfort.

Now employing as many as 26 people, the company believes that results are achieved with a clear focus – and hard work of course. Adea has been built by concentrating on design pieces and investing in employees and product design right from the start, and the same is set to continue. These days, the company exports furniture to more than ten European countries as well as China and South Korea.

“We recently further improved our domestic offering by acquiring the Shapes product category. Right now it’s time for celebrations – a quarter of a century down the line isn’t slowing us down!” emphasizes Adea’s managing director Esa Mäkitalo.

Adea is a Finnish high-quality brand with a selection of sofas and chairs that are both functional and alluringly aesthetic at the same time – just right in every way. The perfectly beautiful, practical and comfortable pieces of furniture are suitable for both residential homes and public spaces. Amid the festivities at Habitare fair, you are welcome to take a look at the 25-year-old furniture manufacturer’s latest collection and novelties displayed for the first time in Finland!

The Bonnet Grand collection includes a sofa and chair with a lower seat height and extra depth, offering plenty of casual comfort. The rounded but solid form creates a leisurely feel – as if sitting in a cushion-filled container.

In addition to its visual appeal, the nature-inspired Harper sofa accentuates comfort. The sturdy yet soft cushions become moulded into a gentle caress around the person sitting on the sofa.
“I’ve been wanting to use leather webbing in a sofa similarly to Danish designers from the 40s and 50s for some time. Adea’s ambition and expertise made it finally possible,” explains designer Alexander Lervik.

The hand-tufted rugs in the Seasons collection designed by Elina Helenius are like pieces of modern art! The strong colour combinations and striking forms of cut angles will add a vibrant dynamic to any space. Inspiration for the three rugs in the collection – Spring, Summer and Winter – stems from Nordic nature and light.

Renowned for its timeless, vibrant pieces, Adea began manufacturing furniture 25 years ago in 1994. However, the company’s history can be traced back sixty years to 1959, when Seppo Mäkitalo started manufacturing women’s handbags. The journey from bags to furniture has been a colourful one, with sewing machines as the common thread. It has always been about sewing!

With its roots in Finland’s Ostrobothnia, a strong focus on high-quality design furniture by world-renowned designers has been at the heart of the company. A signature style, longstanding development and experts in the industry have paved Adea’s way from a small Finnish company to an international export brand.
Adea at Habitare, Booth 6 D 1